Top 5 Best Abaya for Muslim Women and Girls

Hello, abaya lovers and wearers, are you looking for best abaya? If yes, so you are in right place now because I am an expert of abaya as I am researching the best abaya’s design, color, button, cloth, thread and style.

I am trying to understating why the different women and girls of different ages choose the different color and style. The embroidery work is now increased by the use of a small piece of glass, stone, or similar material, typically rounded and perforated for threading with others as a necklace and diamond onto fabric.

Actually abaya is a full-length, sleeveless outer garment worn by some Muslim women and abaya is a real gracefulness and beauty of the girl and woman.

Though now abaya is used by girls and women throughout any country in the whole world, it is invented first in Arabia.

It is common and stylish trend among women of the world at present. The designers are now making scarves as well as many types of hijab for using adding with this abaya for fashion and smart style. Mostly Islamic religious minded women wear this dress as a veil.

Top 5 Best Abaya for Muslim Women and Girls:

Here I am listing the Top 5 Best Abaya of new and exclusive style for Women and Girls according to the abaya’s size, color, design with embroidery, button, cloth and thread.

1/ Muslim Women's One-piece Prayer Dress

This is the best abaya clothes for Umrah in Saudi Arabia. The women who have faced a great problem for cloth, I am recommending this dress to all women and girls who have the same problem with find right clothes for Umrah.

This will be the best abaya for them as well as the woman and girls who pray five times because this is very soft and comfortable. This Abaya Set for Hajj Umrah is very easy and convenient to put on.

The women who have already worn, have fallen in love to it and want to buy it more in colors and sizes for its different style. In the latest design of the best abaya, this is the most expensive, elegant and shiny by its modern stylish design.

This abaya will be a great gift for Eid, Ramadan, shahadah, or other occasion! This best abaya named Muslim Women's One-piece Prayer Dress is 100% Viscose Dress. This Women's One-piece Prayer Dress has 3 different sizes according to US Size

Pros and Cons


  • It is a comfortable and practical one-piece prayer dress/hijab;
  • Hijab is attached to the shoulders of the dress;
  • Made of quality material;
  • Dress sleeves and hijab is bordered in lace;
  • 4 Piece Set;


  • Size is matter. At the ordering time, very keenly have to observe her dress size as usual, and then make sure to order otherwise it will make a great problem to use as a perfect size.

2/ Women's Embroidered Abaya

Absolutely this women's embroidered abaya is great and it's even more beautiful than your imagination of an abaya with soft fabric.

I definitely recommend this company according to their items quality. If you want to travel to Saudi only for tour or for performing Hajj this Women's Embroidered Abaya will be best more than your your expectations.

This embroidered abaya is on black color which is the most nice charming and attractive color for an abaya. It has beautiful aari embroidery on black net fabric with base satin.


  • Fabric: Koshibo (100% polyester);
  • Band Collar with `V' neck, A';
  • Embroidered umbrella Sleeves, waistline and bottom;
  • The abaya has six different sizes; 

Pros and Cons


  • Utility pockets on both sides;
  • Low price;
  • Most useful in performing Haj in Saudi;
  • An abaya with soft fabric;


  • Have to look on head covering portion size clearly; 

3/ Women's Islamic Floral Abaya

This is a Muslim women clothing. This Islamic Floral Abaya is most modern and stylish cloth for all muslim and muslim girls who want to keep themselves in the muslim etiquette.

This Muslim Dress Kaftan is made in China.It is long maxi dress for which all Muslim can cover her whole body upto toe. This Women's Islamic Floral Abaya has a very great advantage for its washing way- both in hand and machine.

If a muslim woman or a muslim girl wears this nice looking Kaftan, she only needs a scarf for covering her head. That’s all.


  • ​This Floral Abaya has a variety of 3 sizes-medium, large and X-large; 
  • This Muslim Dress Kaftan has 4 different of color- Black, Green, Purple, Red;

Pros and Cons


  • Maxi long dress;
  • Hand and Machine Washable;


  • For this Women Maxi Dress, you need another scarf;

4/ Women's Lace Kaftan Color Block Abaya

Beautiful long dress that can cover all your body parts is being called abaya. This Women's Lace Kaftan is the Modest Muslim Islamic Clothing. It’s a very nice outfit.

All the women of Islamic countries love to wear this long body covering outfit. This Islamic Abaya Muslim Dress increases the beauty of a woman or a girl in keeping themselves in the islamic way.

This Women's Lace Kaftan is made in China. It is South Korea Hemp and Cotton Bud Silk Net. It’s a lovely dress according to taste of it’s cloth.


  • ​This Floral Abaya has a variety of 3 sizes-medium, large and X-large;
  • This Muslim Dress Kaftan has 4 different of color- Black, Green, Purple, Red;

Pros and Cons


  • Maxi long dress;
  • Hand and Machine Washable;
  • Package included: 1X Women Maxi Dress, not include scarf;


  • It's a little tight so if you order it get a size larger;

5/ Muslim Abaya Women Chiffon Patchwork

Muslim Abaya Women Chiffon Patchwork is a beautiful dress, if you purchase this Long Sleeve Maxi Dress clothing, you will be so happy getting this fit so perfectly.

It is also perfect to wear to a party or to a wedding. You will get many compliments from your neighbor for this stylish beautiful Muslim Abaya. This is a islamic chiffon dress, patchwork sleeve long maxi dress.

This is thin and light fabric. This Muslim Abaya is perfect for women casual, daily wear, party, wedding, formal occasions. This Muslim Women Abaya is on the material of chiffon which is very light, sheer fabric typically made of silk or nylon.


  • ​This Floral Abaya has a variety of 3 sizes-medium, large and X-large;
  • This Muslim Dress Kaftan has 4 different of color;

Pros and Cons


  • It’s material is chiffon;
  • Islamic Chiffon Dress;
  • Patchwork sleeve long maxi dress;
  • Suitable for all seasons;


  • Can a little smaller than US size;

Final Verdict:

Here in this review of best abaya you have got the idea on new and exclusive best abaya design. Here in this modern age, women and girls are very fond of very nice and beautiful abaya.

These are the best abaya in the sense of designs, styles, colors and embroidery. You can buy any one out of the above five stylish, latest and islamic abaya dress.

Every woman should cover herself for the sake of her beauty. A dress which is used to cover the body is the need of all girls and with this kind of best fashionable abaya.

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