Top 5 Best Kitchen Trash Can For Your Kitchen

A clean kitchen is only possible when the kitchen has a proper trash can to use. A garbage can is an essential element for a kitchen. After doing all cooking’s, you have to get rid of the wastages in a trash can.

Otherwise, your wastage will smell bad, and your kitchen will turn into a messy and smelly kitchen. A kitchen must be clean and hygienic because all of your food is made in the kitchen. So, if the kitchen is not clean, then your health will not be sound. So, one kitchen needs a best kitchen trash can.

The best kitchen trash can is the trash can which helps in getting riding garbage just. There are many kinds of a trash can in the market. But if you are looking for the best garbage can then go through these five best kitchen trash can.

Comparison Table of Best kitchen Trash Can -: 

Rubbermaid Step-On Wastebasket Trash Can

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions: 14.7 x 24.8 x 17.6 inches

Item Weight: 20.3 pounds

Nine Stars DZT-50-9 Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions: 16.3 x 11.2 x 24.4 inches

Item Weight: 8.4 pounds

Simplehuman Round Step Trash Can

Best Sellers Rank

How to Pick the Best Kitchen Trash Can Now

A trash can is the main part of a kitchen. So, it should be the best one. Here some points to pick the best one for your kitchen:

  • Select the trash can depending on your kitchen size. If you have a big kitchen, then go for a big trash can and if your kitchen is small get the little trash can. But it should meet your requirements;
  • There are three kinds of the garbage can. One is manual; another one is stepping trash can and lastly touch-free sensor garbage can. I prefer the step trash can;
  • The material of a trash can is important. There is two material made trash can. One is plastic, and other is stainless steel. Plastic made trash is not durable and keeps your kitchen odor-free. But stainless steel made trash can is long lasting and keeps your kitchen odor-free. So, stainless made trash can is better;
  • If you believe in high quality and durable feature, then try to increase your budget and get the best trash can for your kitchen;
  • The capacity of a garbage can depend on the kitchen wastage. Some kitchen produces a lot of wastage and some less. So, a standard size of a trash can should be 8 gallons;
  • If your house has children or pets than your trash can must have the best lid to keep it tight close, so the curious ones can’t open it, and the bad smell doesn't affect the health of the little ones;

Consider these points while choosing a trash can for your kitchen.

Top 5 Best Kitchen Trash Can For The Money:-

1/ Rubbermaid Step-On Wastebasket Trash Can

You will get trash cans in many models, but Rubbermaid’s has the excellent quality and presentation. This trash can is stylish and durable which need low care.

This Advanced waste can have the mechanism which keeps the lid stay open, and it can be done without pressing the pedal down.

This trash bin can be placed in any section of your home. The material of the trash can is strong and durable. You can also clean the trash can easily.

The trash can is made in the USA. You will get a high-quality trash can with excellent price and quick mechanism.

If you care about quality, then this trash can is preferable.

Pros and Cons


  • The shape of the trash can is rectangular and fits in any space.
  • You don’t need to use your foot frequently to open the lid which is relaxing.
  • The top is made from durable plastic.
  • The silver pedal is classy in look.

2/ Nine Stars Stainless Steel Trash Can

This trash can is an awesome addition to nine stars. If you love electronic products, then you must have this trash can.

The can is oval in shape and is fit for any place like office kitchen, living room, the laundry room, dorm room, the bedroom and any other place you want to place it. This sturdy trash can has the advanced sensor technology.

If your hand is 10 inch and 130-degree angle far from the sensor the lid will open and it will be open until your hand is in the range of the sensor. As your hand is far from the range the lid will be closed. The trash can is just awesome.

This trash can is a cool techy trash can.

Pros and Cons


  • the trash can measure 16.3 x 11.2 x 24.4 inches.
  • 8.4 pound is the weight of this trash can.
  • Blocks odor inside the can and removes cross-contamination of microbes, and all is done with the touch-free operation.
  • Anti-fingerprint commercial-grade the stainless steel is high in quality and the steel is fingerprint proof.
  • Best for office, kitchen, bedroom and living room.
  • Power saving technology helps battery life to long for 20%
  • A garbage bag ring is attached to keep the bag not viewed in public view.
  • This trash can is classy in look.

3/ Simplehuman Round Step Trash Can:

If you are steel lover and want a steel trash can for your kitchen, then take this trash can for your kitchen. This can have a rim which helps the can not be get slipped. There is no inner bucket in this trash can.

You may get confused after watching the shape of this trash can, but the can be fit in any place. The steel is high in quality and durable. The pedal is made from durable steel, and it is strong. The pedal is customized for 150000 steps.

The lids is plastic, but the plastic is high in quality. Your kitchen will be clean and tidy for this bin.

Pros and Cons


  • The trash can measure 15.4 x 12 x 23.8 inches
  • The weight of the trash can is 5.9 pound
  • A lightweight trash can with high-quality materials.
  • Easy to clean & use
  • Nice looking can
  • The plastic lidis dent-proof
  • This trash can has five years warranty.

4/ Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can

It is amazing that simplehuman has provided the best kitchen trash can. You will find it very classy and durable. They are big in size but easily fit in any small space. Your garbage will be safe and sound in this can. There are no worries being splattered by you or anyone else because the lid has side lock option.

The body is made fromsturdy plastic. But the plastic looks very classy. Also, has a pedal which is made from steel. The capacity of this trash is customized for busy house works and high traffic. So if you are a big family then considers this trash can for your kitchen.

This trash can is a wise choice for a kitchen.

Pros and Cons


  • This can measure 14 x 18.9 x 26.5 inches.
  • A light trash which weight 7 pounds.
  • The lock is slide and secured.
  • This can have the capacity for busy household sand high-traffic areas.
  • The pedal is Strong and steel.
  • The lid has the technology of lid show which is responsible for a silent and smooth close.
  • This trash has a warranty for 5-year.
  • You will get fit liners to fit the top perfectly.
  • There is also a handle to carry in the back of the can.

5/ Simplehuman Slim Plastic Step Trash Can

If you like a simple and smart trash can then checkout this trash can of simplehuman. Simplehuman made this trash can smart and durable. You will get this trashcan very handy. Though the body is made of plastic, the pedal is made of steel. The can have wheels and handle which made it portable trash can.

Also, the lid has side lock option which keeps your lid locked; you will not have to worry about getting messy garbage on the floor which is done by pets or babies.

Worried about the smell of garbage? No chance from this trash can. You will get a neat and tidy kitchen if you have this trash can in your kitchen.

​The features of this trash can:

  • This trash can come -19.2 x 10.2 x 25.2 inches​
  • The can weight 6.5 pounds
  • The can is smart and lucrative in look.
  • The trash can have a wheel, handle and steel pedal.
  • You will get 5- year warranty with this trash can.

I prefer the lid lock option. This helps me a lot as my house has a dog and active baby.

Pros and Cons


  • The can is durable plastic with a sleek design.
  • The best thing about this trash can is, it covers odors.
  • The lid can be locked when your work is finished.
  • The can is big in size but can fit in small place quickly.
  • The price of the can is reasonable.
The Best Kitchen Trash Can For Your Kitchen (Infographics)

Final Verdict:

A trash can is necessary for every kitchen. You need to consider model, size, shape, usability, material. Now it is the time to make a decision on which trash can you want to have for your kitchen?

Make sure to study all features of the best kitchen trash cans so that you can choose while purchasing. Good luck!

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