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Pain in back and neck is now very common among people. Nowadays everybody does their work just sitting on a PC or laptop and do all the study and work. Long time sitting in one place is not good for health. This causes the pains in neck and back.

It is very important to sit properly keeping the weight and your body in proper alignment. Otherwise, you have to bear the pain for a long time. To help to keep your body in proper alignment while sitting, you can use seat cushion. This seat cushion is best for sitting. It gives you comfort when you sit. For those who spent their whole time in front of PC or laptop, I have researched the top best seat cushion. This cushion is best and protects you from pain in neck and back.

Comparison Table of Best Seat Cushion : 

Aeris Memory Foam Donut Seat Cushion

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions: 17.2 x 17 x 3 inches

Item Weight: 1.6 pounds

Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Best Sellers Rank

Shipping Weight: 1.9 pounds

ComfiLife Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions: 17.7 x 13.7 x 2.8 inches

Item Weight: 1.3 pounds

What to look for in the best seat cushion:

While getting a seat cushion to use you must check out some points. Like -

  • Styles: you will get different style cushion in the market. The popular style cushion is circular or donut cushion. This type cushion has a hole in the center which helps tailbone to relieve strain. You can also check wedge cushions as they are popular for their versatile use;
  • Thickness: thickness of a cushion matters. If your cushion is too thin, then it may cause more pain, and if your cushion is too thick, then you cannot sit properly. So, choose one that properly balances your body;
  • Materials: you will get cushions made of cotton and foam. Choose the one you like to sit on. A better option is the foam which is more comfortable to sit;
  • Shape: the shape of a cushion is a major point. The shape helps your spine to relieve the pressure when you sit. The shapes which are appreciated by the users are “V” shape and “U” shape;

Now for the reviews of the top 5 seat cushions. Check the reviews when you are planning to get one for you, it will help you a lot.

Top 5 Best Seat Cushion:

1/ Aeris Memory Foam Donut Seat Cushion:

If you have the problem of hemorrhoid and coccyx pain, then this seat cushion is proper for you. This cushioned seat is made from foam, and the foam is comfortable to sit. There is a hole in the center of the cushion. This feature helps to release the body pressure while sitting. You can use this foam seat anywhere you want.

Product feature and description:

The foam of the cushion is high in quality which is easy to wash and clean. The thickness of the cushion is proper. There a hole in the center of the cushion. This hole keeps the body alignment perfect and gives comfort to hemorrhoid and coccyx pain patients.

There is two size of pillows one is standard size, and other is queen size. The standard size is 15x15x3.1 inches, and queen pillow size is 17,3x17,3x3.1 inches.

You can consider as a gift for any occasion. But don’t get confused that it is only for patients, normal persons who sit and works for a long time can use this seat cushion.

Pros and Cons


  • A must have a pillow for long sitting;
  • ​Relieves Pain and hemorrhoid;
  • ​The pillow cover unzips easily for cleaning;
  • ​Provides good support for sitting;


  • Some user says the pillow is not soft, it is hard as a brick;

2/ Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion:

If you are fully fed up with Getting instant relief from pain caused by sitting, then this seat cushion is just for you. Your back pain will reduce after using this cushion.

As padded cushion causes an orthopedic problem, wrong spine position, reduce blood flow and much more bone problem, this all causes pain. This cushion is not padded, it is designed with comfortable foam which keeps the seat fluffy. When you seat on it your tailbone will float on the seat instead of compressing. Thus, you will feel comfort when you are working for a long time sitting on the cushion.

Product description and features:

This orthopedic foam seat cushion is made from high-quality foam which will never go flat or lumpy. You will enjoy a comfortable long sitting with this cushion. The cover of the cushion is washable, durable and can be used roughly for a long time. Your all pain like low back pain, pressure on your butt will get less when you are on this cushion seat. Your spinal problem will also be solved if you use this seat. You can use this cushion in any place, and it is portable.

Pros and Cons


  • The best cushion as an orthopedic cushion;
  • ​Gives good support in a long time sitting;
  • ​Well-made and very comfortable;


  • Some users find it hard seat;

3/ ComfiLife Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat:

This cushion set is best for back pain reducer. The shape of the cushion is specially designed for relieving back pain. This comfortable cushion seat is also best for perfect spinal alignment. You can use this cushion seat anywhere you want. You will feel very comfortable and will not face any back pain even you are sitting for 12-15 hours.

Product description and feature:

The foam of the cushion is high in quality, and the cover is soft and washable. The best thing about the foam is it changes in temperature. If you are in warm place, the cushion gets soft and if you are in cold room, the seat gets firmer.

U shape is the best support for the back pain and ache. It is specially designed for the pains. A pregnant woman can also use this cushion seat; they will feel easiness and comfort.

Pros and Cons


  • Well-made and long lasting;
  • ​Very comfortable;
  • ​Very useful for pain relief;


  • Some users say the cushion gets flat only in one use;

4/ Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion:

As we spent most of the time sitting in work, then we must take care of our back and spines. This seat cushion is perfect for solving our problem. If you use it, you will feel the difference. You have to seat on the cushion as your tailbone is not on the surface but in the free area. This helps the spine to relax from any pressure.

Product description and feature:

The cushion is made from well-made foam, and the cover is highly durable and washable. The cushion design is mainly made to give comfort to the spine. You can use this cushion in any place you want. The foam is comfortable and doesn't get flat so easily. You will feel relaxed and painless when you are working on sitting on this cushion.

Pros and Cons


  • Portable and comfortable;
  • ​Easy to clean;
  • ​Pain reliever;


  • Not suitable for an overweight person;

5/ Everlasting Foam Seat Cushion:

If you like simple working cushion then you can try this one. This cushion seat is highly prescribed for orthopedic patients. Doctors prefer this cushion for back pain and spine pain patients. The foam is specially made for pain relief.

Product description and features:

The foam is made from the best material, and it is long lasting. It will not get flat easily. The foam gets into perfect shape whenever you sit on the cushion. This helps your tailbone and spine to stay pressure free. This cushion is for versatile use. Your back pain will reduce after using this cushion seat.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable and comfortable;
  • ​Perfect for back pain;
  • ​Long lasting cushion seat;


  • Some user finds it uncomfortable;

Final verdict:

If you are bind to sit and work for half of the time, then you must go for best seat cushion in town. Because it is not healthy to sit for such a long time without any support. So, choose one from above list and start using it right away. Be safe from back pain.

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