How Do You Choose The Best Sharpening Stone

Have dull knife in kitchen and thinking of which sharpening stone is better to make it sharp? Then go trough this article of best sharpening tools review. You will get a clear concept of sharpening tools.

In the market, there are different kind and types of the sharpening stone. These varieties bring a lot of confusion in consumers. They can’t decide on which stone to take.

To help them I have listed the best sharpening tools and wrote a brief review about them.

So if you are searching for the best sharpening tools then sit and go through this review. You will know a lot about these tools.

Comparison Table of Best Sharpening Stone -: 

DMT D8F 8-Inch Dia-Sharp Continuous Diamond Fine

Best Sellers Rank

8 x 0.4 x 3 inches

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Norton Japanese-Style Combination Water Stone

Best Sellers Rank

8.5 x 3.2 x 1.2 inches

1.9 pounds

Norton Three Stone Sharpening System

Best Sellers Rank

Weight: 1.9 pounds

Types Of Sharpening Tools:

You will find sharpening stones three categories. They are-

  • Water stones.
  • Oil stones
  • Diamond stones

1. Water Stones-

In this stone water is used as a lubricant to make your knife a sharp beauty. Your knife will be easy and soft to clean after sharpening with a water stone. This stone is very useful in sharpening.

2. Oil Stones -

This stone is man made stone and oil work here as a lubricant. But your knife stays oily after sharpening which is not accepted.

3. Diamond Stones

this stone is high in quality and price. But your knife will have the scratch mark.

What to Look for:

Things we should look for in sharpening tool:

1. Size

Size matters for sharpening stone. The big size is preferable for sharpening knife.

2. Two-Sided Grit

If you have two sided grit stone, then you have the best one. Because in two sides you will get a rough and smooth side together.

You will not need two separate stones. The rough side is for preparing your knife edge, and the fine side is for refining edge.

3. Secure Base

The base while sharpening knife should be safe. The sharpening stone must have a secure base. Or else it will be fatal while sharpening a knife.

4. Flexibility

we should have that sharpening stone which just doesn't the sharp knife but also helps to sharp scissors, hunting knives, etc.

How to Use a sharpening stone:

The way to use the stone –

  • First, put the stone in a proper base.
  • Start with a rough side.
  • Stroke the knife on both side.
  • Then use the fine side of the stone.
  • Do the same process.
  • Keep stroking while your knife gets sharp.

Now let’s go for the best sharpening stones in town. Enjoy the reviews.

Top 5 Best Sharpening Stone:

1/ DMT Dia-Sharp Continuous Diamond Fine:

DMT has done a great job by making this unique and useful sharpen stone. Users love this stone.

This sharpening stone has high and long constant surface. You can sharp your kitchen blades even it is 8 inches long easily and smoothly.

The stone measures 8 x 3 x 3/8 inch. The grit is 600 mesh and fine and also coated with diamond particles. This feature makes the stone high in quality and work.

While sharpening the surface needs to moisten and the knife should be in 20-degree angel.

Thus you will get a beautiful sharp knife for your kitchen.

This sharpening stone is the best sharpening stone among all other stones. I have this one. I am impressed with the service of this stone. You can sharpen any thing with this.

Pros and Cons


  • This stone is heavy and high in quality;
  • Easy to give a good finish in your knives with the help of this stone;
  • You use detergent and water to moisten the surface;
  • The stone contributes to sharpen your knife fast;


  • Sometimes you may face the surface quality a little low; 

2/ Norton Japanese-Style Combination Water Stone:

The Norton water stone is a must have sharpening tool for every kitchen. This stone has two sides. One is rough side other is smooth side.

The face which is for edge maintain and refine is 4000 grit, and another face which is for polishing is 8000 grit.

This stone is 1 x 8 x 3 inch. You will get a wrapped blue box in which you will keep this stone and work. The box works as the stone protector and rubber feet. The stone will not move when you are sharpening the knife.

This stone use water as a lubricant. Your knife will stay oil free after sharpening with this stone.

I like this sharpen stone for its two side options. This stone keeps your blades clean and smooth.

Pros and Cons


  • You can sharp any blades even your razor blade;
  • The box which is of the stone is very useful. You can keep the stone dry and clean easily in the box;
  • You don’t need two water stone to use. You can do your work with one stone;


  • The box is breakable. So you have to be careful with the box;

3/ Norton Three Stone Sharpening System -  Coarse Crystolon stones

The Norton brand has another awesome sharpening stone. This sharpening system has three stones made of silicon carbide.

One is for fixing which is 100 grit, the 2nd one is for polishing and retaining which is 150 grit, and the 3rd one is for refining the edge which is 320 grit.

In the pack, you will get sharpening item with oil and a rotatable axis which helps the polish work in sequence.

You will also get a plastic made case. This case has the lid. The case keeps stone safe and clean.

You can work in stone by keeping in the case because the case works as a base.

This sharpening stone is unique and high-quality knife sharper.

Pros and Cons


  • Perfect stone for your house;
  • unique design;
  • Excellent Sharpening Stone System;


  • The not noticeable drawback is reported;

4/ Smith's Knife Sharpening Kit

Want to sharpen your knife and blades in a home then take this Smith's Diamond knife sharpening kit.

This kit has sharpening stones, a diamond folding sharpener, and a bottle of polishing solution. This solution is to use while sharpening stone.

There are diamond layered rods which are designed to sharpen all kinds of knives.

You will also get a clamp which holds the knife while sharpening in stone.

This kit is safely kept in a pouch which is very easy to carry.

Every kitchen should keep this portable kit. You can sharpen your knives easily with this kit.

Pros and Cons


  • The sharpen kit good in quality;
  • Easy to use and operate;
  • The polishing solution is rust free;


  • Some consumers have questioned about the quality of the kit.

5/ Lansky Deluxe Sharpening System

Lansky has made the best sharpening stone kit. You will fall in love with this kit.

This kit has five knife sharpening stone – extra rough, rough, medium, smooth alumina oxide and extra smooth ceramic.

The stones are colorful and have holders. You can hold the stones while sharpening the knife.

With the kit, you will get knife clamp and a portable case.

This sharpening kit is beautiful in look. Also, the quality is satisfactory.

Pros and Cons


  • The easiest kit to sharp knives. Anyone can use it;
  • Every blade can be sharpening by this kit;
  • The kit is high in quality;
  • The colorful stone gives this kit a standard look;


  • Sometimes the clamp doesn’t work properly;
Best Sharpening Stone Infographics

Final Verdict:

Knives are an essential tool for every kitchen. If the knife is dull, no cutting work will be possible. So a sharpening kit is a must.

But there are many sharpening kits in the market. It is very confusing for which one to take.

To get rid of the confusion I have listed best sharpening stone which is best in quality and work.

Read, decide and buy the best sharpening stone for your kitchen.

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