Why People Love Biometric Pistol Safe | Reviews And Buying Guide

As you are here I can sense that you are looking for a pistol safe for your weapon. Though in some states it is totally prohibited to own a gun, but if you are having one it is of course for some reason. So, for all those who are looking for reliable pistol safe this Biometric pistol safe reviews is recommended. In this review article, you will get all the required guide, tips, and honest review. This will help you to take proper decision in which will be better safe for your pistol. The safe is designed exclusively for families and gun owners. When you are in danger just give your fingerprint in the safe and you will get your weapon in no time to defend the intruder. The safe is Excellently designed and completely reliable for any home.

A complete guide of a biometric pistol safe

A biometric pistol safe is actual a safe place to keep your weapon safely. This safe also has an emergency quick access system. If you sense danger you can quickly open the safe without having the hassle. It is small in size and easy to handle. But before knowing about a biometric gun safe you must know about a gun safe.

What is a gun safe?

Actually, a gun safe is for keeping firearms and accessories safe from persons, children, and intruders. You will get it in a different size. You will get manual safe and biometric pistol safe in the market.

The manual gun safe can be operated by locks and keys. It is a totally secured place for a pistol but in an emergency case, you may fail to get your pistol out in time.

On the other hand, the biometric safe is portable and easy to use safe for a pistol. You can keep your pistol safely scanning with your fingerprint. In an emergency case, you can open the safe easily with your fingerprint.

So, you can guess which one is preferable to keep your weapon safely.

Why is a biometric gun safe popular?

Nowadays every weapon owner is using biometric pistol safe. It is popular for -

  • User-friendly – the safe opens only by your fingerprint. So, it is easy to use;
  • Suitable– you can store and keep it in any place you want;
  • Child-safe – this feature is best. Because children are curious to know and touch anything new. A weapon is harmful to kids. You can stay calm when you have this safe for your weapon. Your kid can’t open this safe;
  • Cn is open any time- you can open the safe even in darkness;
  • Though biometric safes are not reasonable in price but it is worth it because of the use and features;

In this biometric pistol safe reviews, I am going to talk about the most popular pistol safe sentry safe biometric pistol safe. Stay with me on this journey.

The safe is perfect for whom?

The safe is only for them who is responsible and alert to keep his weapon safe. As the regular pistol, safe has no user-friendly design so many pistol owners don't get any safe to keep the weapon. But it is risky especially home with kids.

This biometric safe is designed with new technology and strong features. You can keep your weapon safe and sound without having any worries. Your kids will also have no access to your gun so easily. You can also carry this safe easily wherever you go.

If you have to keep weapon must in the home but you have kids then you must have to use this pistol safe. This safe keeps your family safe in any emergency situation.

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE

Sentry safe biometric pistol safe is the most popular pistol safe among the weapon owners. It has quick access feature only by scanning owners fingerprint. In the case of any emergency situation, you will get access to your weapon within seconds. this feature has made the pistol safe more reliable and acceptable. Just program a fingerprint and keep your weapon safe.

The safe has a keypad which is biometric and electronic. This keypad allows you to access to get your weapon easily and quickly. The keypad is very sensitive and reliable. The access in the safe is single handed. The safe has compressed gas strut which helps to open the lid without making any sound when you are in danger. The safe will make no sound in the process. You can take the weapon and save your family instantly. The quick and quiet entry helps you to gain confident to defend. The safe is steel made which is solid and sturdy. But it works without any noise. The safe has a keypad which is digital and has zero audible response. The space of the safe is sufficient to store a semi-automatic gun. You will not have to be panic in any situation to save your family.


  • The product has two Dimension. One is external- 3.2 inch x 12.0 inch x 9.9 inch and the other is internal - 2.2 inch x 9.7 inch x 6.6 inch;
  • The weight of the safe is 12 pounds;
  • The lid design is pry-resistant;
  • The hardware is whisper quiet;
  • The access is single handed;
  • The internal storage space is perfect for the semi-automatic gun;
  • Black, smart &bio-metric design;
  • Steel made with strong modulation;
  • Space for 12-15 round extra clip;
  • Perfectly designed for home defense;
  • You can unlock the safe in seconds;
  • The biometric design has access record;
  • Easy fit in any space like a bedside drawer or any compact area;

In a word, the Sentry safe biometric pistol safe extremely dependable, sturdy and perfectly sized for your weapon;


  • This safe works perfectly in scanning. Even in a hurry if you put your finger you will get access to your weapon;
  • The safe is well built and durable;
  • You can get the safe open easily even in darkness;
  • Portable and user-friendly;
  • Though it is quite pricey but it is worth it;


  • Some users have a problem with the buttons. They think the button is not durable;
  • The safe would get more acceptance if the lid had a handle;
  • The inner part has no extra padding;

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Questions and Answers:

How many guns can be stored in this safe?

Ans: you can store 1 J or K size revolver or 1 semi-automatic pistol in this safe. You can also keep 2 half compact size pistol.

Is there any option to use a cable?

Ans: yes, you can use thin cable if you want.

Is there any warning for low battery charge?

Ans: yes, there is LED red light flash warning if your battery gets low.

Final verdict

This Biometric pistol safe review is for them who are looking for a durable and reliable gun safe for their weapon to keep safely in the home. The new technology in safe which is opening safe with the fingerprint is now getting very much acceptable. It is easy to operate and life savior in an emergency situation. I hope I have given enough information about this awesome pistol safe. This information is given with many research and analysis. Before getting one pistol safe for your home go through this review and decide. But it is sure that your weapon will be in safe hand.

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