Ultimate Guide For Cleaning A Stainless Steel Sink

It’s important to a housewife to know how to clean a stainless steel sink. We know a little bit about stainless steel. Stainless steel becomes dirty quickly. It’s really easy to clean a stainless steel. If you follow some simple tricks then you can wash stainless steel easily.

In this piece of content, I’ll show the process. You can make your sink shinier by following these processes.

Steps To Clean Stainless Steel Sink

For this process, you need some materials.

Ultimate Guide For Cleaning A Stainless Steel Sink Infographics

Step 1

Take aside all dishes and other things from the sink. Lightly wash the sink with water only. It's just the beginning of the task. In this part, the sink will not be washed enough.

Try to use hot water in this part. Most of the people use baking spray.​

Step 2

In this step, sprinkle the complete sink with baking soda and use the sponge. Baking soda helps to clean without making a scratch in stainless steel. Remember baking soda and baking power aren’t same things. Use baking soda in this process properly.

Step 3


Put vinegar into the sink and rub the entire basin. Be noted, as well as the rub. If properly rub with vinegar will make your sink shinier.

Step 4


Finish your wash with olive oil. I hope your sink will be looking wonderful and shiny.

How To Clean Stained Stainless Sink


If you can follow all of these properly, I’m damn sure that your sink will be shinier than before. It’s a matter of neat and clean. It’s important to wash your stainless steel sink once or twice in a week. It’s not a tough guide to do. This is a simple and quick way to clean sink.

Anyone can wash her/his stainless steel sink by following this guideline.

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