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The Quality Of Dewalt Dw715 Review Is So Much More Important Than Quantity

Need to replace your old miter saw? Then I recommend you Dewalt DW715. This miter saw is worth to use. you will be impressed with the performance of the saw. If you want to trim or mold then use this miter saw as it is not limited to your work, it is a versatile miter saw. If you like lean and portable saw then you must have this saw. Still confused about this saw then take your time and go through this Dewalt dw715 review. I hope you will get enough information about this saw.

Buying guide of Dewalt DW715 miter saw:

If you want to cut wood in the fine and precise way then this miter saw will serve the purpose. The contractors and carpenters use this miter saw for a clean and beautiful cut. The saw is portable and light in weight.

Why go for Dewalt DW715 miter saw?

You may think why to use this saw? As there are so many options to use for cutting works. Don’t think so much I am giving you the reason for why to use this miter saw. Sit tight and read carefully:


Any power tool is dangerous to work with if you are not careful and the tool has no safe program. Saw is a dangerous tool to work with. Especially the spinning blade which is sharp. DeWalt miter saw ensures the safety first. The saw has blade guard which covers the blade when you want to start the work the guard will uncover the blade. And when you are done the blade guard will again cover the blade. Also, the saw has an interlocking trigger for preventing accidental startups.

The blade size:

The blade size is important for any saw. This miter saw has a 12-inch blade which can cut molding up to 61/2 inch and frame for 4x4 posts. You can also cut different sizes with accurate and precise size.


It is obvious that if the saw is heavy to carry then the cutting work will not be good. The Dewalt miter saw is amazingly light in weight and portable. And it has a handle to carry easily.

Easy to cut angles:

The Dewalt saw has to option to cut in angles which are very appreciable. The angel cuts are required when you need to trim window and door. The saw is capable of cutting at any angle.

Automatic stop:

You will get automatic stop feature in this miter saw. While cutting an angle the blade will stop at the place., which helps you to get the perfect cut.

Long lasting feature:

This miter saw is durable and long lasting. You will not have to be a worry for replacing the blade soon.


You may think about purchasing the Dewalt miter saw when you see the price. But trust me. It is totally worth it. Because the cheap miter saw don’t work for long and your cut will not be accurate. But if you invest a more budget in the miter saw of Dewalt, you will get a long running miter saw for lifetime work.

So, you can see why you have to consider this miter saw after going through the user-friendly features.

What to consider while purchasing Dewalt miter saw:

When you are ready to get, a miter saw for home then consider the points while purchasing:

The purpose for purchasing:

The first thing is why you need a miter saw? Point out the needs then decide which one you need.


If you want a rough and tough miter saw then try to have a good amount of budget.

blade size:

The size matters on which purpose you will cut the wood.


Make sure the weight is not so heavy. Because you can’t work with a heavy saw.

DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Product description and features:

The Dewalt miter saw is a very powerful tool to work with. The motor is 15 amps with no load speed of 4000 rpm. The blade is stainless steel made and has the option of 11 stops. The saw has crown and base moldings for tall and sliding fence work.


  • The saw is 24 pounds;
  • The measurement is 27.7 x 20 x 18.8 inches;
  • The saw is thin and sharp;
  • You will get a carbide made the blade, dust bag, wrench blade and side handles which are comfortable;
  • The blade is stainless steel made;
  • Can cut 2x8-Inch dimensional in wood;
  • The bevels can be cut to left 48° and 3° right. The bevel stop is 0°, 33.9°, 45° and 48°;

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to work with;
  • ​Cuts with accuracy and care;
  • ​The adjustable miter handle which has cam lock and a miter detent which allows you to have precise cut;
  • ​The saw miter has flexible and versatile cutting range;
  • ​The size is perfect to carry;
  • ​The machine fence helps to mold up to 6-1/2-inch base;
  • ​Has user-friendly handle to carry the saw;


  • He dust bag which is with the saw has not enough space to fill with dirt;
  • ​It is little expensive than another similar saw;

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Frequently asking question and answers:

1. Is the miter saw worth to buy?

Ans: yes, it is, as it delivers precise cut easily.

2. how much is the power vault?

Ans: the power volt is 110 volts.

3. Let me know the size of the blade?

Ans: the size of the blade is 12 inch.

The Bottom Line

In whole, the DEWALT Miter saw is an awesome working tool which works exactly what you expect from it and with its cool instruments that deliver accuracy and precise cuts it is guaranteed that your cutting will never go wrong with this miter saw. You will get beautiful cut wood with this awesome miter saw.

And If you are in search of reliable Dewalt Dw715 Review then consider this review. I will give assurance that none of the reviews has so much information and positive and negative feedback.

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