Hitachi C12rsh2 Review Has the Answer to Everything

If you are a professional worker who is passionate about DIY or work with wood then a miter saw is must for you. This saw is very useful and versatile to work in different wooden projects. Now there is so many miter saw in the market that you may get confused. Among them, the Hitachi c12rsh2 Miter Saw with Laser is very much popular among users. So, for getting a clear picture about Hitachi c12rsh2, I recommended going through this Hitachi c12rsh2 review.

First of all, you have to take a decision about what kind of miter saw is required for your work, your budget. Considering all points you have to then decide which miter saw is for you. Hitachi c12rsh2 Miter Saw is perfect for every purpose.

What to consider while purchasing a miter saw?

To ensure accuracy and efficiency you must need a right miter saw. The main features of the miter saw are pointed below. While purchasing one for your use you have to consider these.

Positive stops: the stops are mainly for setting miter and adjusting the bevels. The stops help to cut angels perfectly and correctly. The these are useful for quickly setting miter and bevel adjustments. The increasing adjustments help to improve accurateness.

Easy to change blade: the blade is the main tool of the saw. The blades can be used for many purposes. So, the miter should have the option to changing it easily. In some miter saw you will see changing in one step.

Laser system: with a laser, you can mark and cut with perfect line and accurate way. He laser system makes your cut accurate.

Electric brake: the brake stops the blade instantly when you release the trigger button. This brake helps to grow safety and speed.

Dust gathering — while cutting, it is common to have wastages in the room. Look for the miter saw with port and shop vacuum. These keeps your room clean.

Handles: adjustable and comfortable handles work best in easy cutting.

Understandable instructions: your work will be best if your purchased miter saw has the understandable instruction. You can deliver a fast, accurate and easy cut.

Work stand: you must consider best work stand for your work area. Best work stand is the stand with portable and storage system.

Why choose a Hitachi miter saw:

Nowadays there are many brands in the market who manufactures miter saw. But in order of efficiency, accuracy, adaptability, the Hitachi miter saw is amazing. This is why you will prefer Hitachi miter saw:

  • The assemble of Hitachi miter saw is very easy and fast;
  • You can start the miter saw in no time for user-friendly features;
  • The handle of Hitachi model saw is elastomer made and vibration resistant;
  • The saw is versatile and sufficient, has no limit in work like another brand miter saw;
  • The saw has laser system which assures perfect cutting;
  • You will experience pointy edges after cutting with other saw but Hitachi saw ensures smooth and clean edges;
  • Hitachi saw is durable and runs for a long time;
  • The saws are easy to move, transportable and simple to handle;
  • The saw has very user-friendly features, any novice can start to work with the saw;

Valuable Features of Hitachi c12rsh2 miter saw:

Now it is time to see why Hitachi c12rsh2 is so much popular among woodworker. The popular features are:

  • Has positive stops which help to set miter and adjusts bevel;
  • You can change the blade easily;
  • The laser guide of this saw helps you to cut accurately and fast. The laser allows you to see the starting point to cut;
  • The saw has electric brakes which help to stop the blade when the trigger is released. Also, the speed and safe work get improved;
  • This miter saw has a port which is connected to vacuum which helps to keep your wooden wastage;
  • The handle is comfortable and adjustable to work with;
  • The instruction is easy to read and follow;
  • There is work stand with this miter saw. The stand has a wheel which helps to move the saw easily;
  • For these features, the Hitachi c12rsh2 miter saw is a must have for them who works with wood;

Hitachi C12RSH 15 Amp 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Product description and features:

Hitachi C12RSH2 Miter Saw is the saw of many amazing features. The features made the saw popular among users. You will find a unique slide system in this saw. You just place the cutting piece and slide down the saw. Your work will be done in time perfectly. The cut is done with accuracy without doing any adjustment. The power output is 1850 watts which are enough powerful. You can cut in any angel. The saw has a comfortable holding hand, which is vibration resistant. In a whole, it is a smooth cutting saw.


  • The saw is 81 pounds;
  • Radical compact slide structure;
  • Laser marker system which makes cutting perfect;
  • Increases cutting accuracy;
  • The motor is powerful with 15 Amp and the power watt is 1,850;
  • Your hard-cutting jobs will be easy with this miter saw;
  • Spinning and molding with this miter saw are easy and perfect;
  • The saw blade is easy and quick to use;
  • There are positive stops;
  • The measurements are easy to set and read;
  • The handle is soft and vibration reducer;
  • The blade is 12 inch;
  • For accurate marking the saw has laser marker;
  • The motor is smooth and quiet;

Pros and Cons


  • The slide system is compact and smooth;
  • ​The slide has fixed rails;
  • ​You will get an accurate cut with the help of laser marker;
  • ​The motor is 15 Amp and very powerful;
  • ​The fence height is 5-1/8″ and the crown molding is 7.5″;


  • Some customer has complained about the blade deflection

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Questions & Answers:

Is the depth cut switchable?

Ans: not at all. You can’t switch dialed in -depth and full depth.

Any detents to quick set in bevel cuts?

Ans: no there is no detents.

Is the saw dual bevel?

Ans: yes, it is dual bevel.

Final verdict:

Finally, in this Hitachi c12rsh2 review you have all the detail information about the Hitachi c12rsh2 miter saw. Among all the miter saw this miter saw is long lasting and powerful miter saw. This miter saw is reasonable in price and very reliable in work. If you want to produce creative work with wood then get this best miter saw in town. And if you are still confused about purchasing the miter saw then go through this honest and effective review. Hope this review will help you to take proper decision.

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