How To Become Healthy

That’s the thing we all want to hear. You will see thousands of people searching on the internet, literally spending hours after hours about how to become healthy. Let me break this to you, there is no hidden secret. There is no way you will become healthy overnight.

Being healthy requires time, effort, determination and not to mention, commitment. I will not tell you some myth which will only increase your frustration. I will tell you the facts, following these will require the above-mentioned attributes. But it’s a certain path, and hopefully, it will be a matter of time until you reach your goal.

What does staying healthy provide us? Not necessarily money, but it provides something more valuable than money. Peace, comfort, better breathing, and sexual life. You will be active, more focused towards your goal. You’ll get admiration and love. Let me show you the step towards that goal.

Make A Routine

Yes, this is the single most important thing if you want to see yourself healthy. Because it will determine your other steps. You might plan a lot of things, you might start with enthusiasm. But if you do not follow through those plans, it’s as bad as doing nothing.

So, from the moment you decided to become healthy, fix your mind and sit with a clear head. Make a plan, a routine. What will the routine contain? It will contain your daily work list, meal, sleep, exercise. You have to make sure you stick with the routine.

Do not be over excited and make a routine which is too hard to follow. Remember, change takes time and a slow and steady start is better than being irregular.

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Eat Healthy Food

People who search for how to become healthy, often sit with snacks and fast food. The first step of being healthy is establishing a proper diet plan. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard like it sounds.

Make a list of what you eat the whole day. Go to a fitness website, say- and evaluate how many calories you are consuming. The amount might be lower than your need, or you might have been overeating. Find your ideal weight according to your age and height.

If you are underweight, fill-up your diet with healthy foods like meat, fish, and vegetable. Also, you need to have good fat.

If you are overweight, try to have low-calorie food which will fill your belly without adding extra calorie. Stay away from red meat and junk food. Do not forget to drink a lot of water.

Exercise On A Daily Basis

Many people start exercise with a lot of enthusiasm but stop after a while. The reason is not making a proper plan and starting with tough challenges. Remember, your body has to adapt to the challenge you throw at it.

Start with something simple, like walking or jogging. Increase your distance and the time between intervals. You’ll feel your body being prepared for tougher tasks.

You can do some free hand exercise in the primary stage. The more time goes, go for intense exercise with a shorter resting period. Work on all your muscle groups.

Take necessary precautions with your exercises. Stay hydrated and do a proper warm-up before heavy exercising.

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Take Proper Medication

Why is that important? Because an important step to becoming and staying healthy is not treating the body like garbage. You might fall into illness every now and then. Some people put their body in harm’s way without addressing their illness.

Do not do that. Take proper treatment from expert doctors when you feel unwell. Do not become a doctor yourself, take a pill or crush a pill for in taking without consulting a specialist.

Take proper dosage of medicine. Many people stop taking the full course when they feel themselves okay. That’s a risk because the illness comes as stronger most of the time.


We all heard about this. Sometimes being the richest man cannot save you. The thing about the human body is, it will absorb the tortures you did to it to a certain age. When the time comes, it will repay you in full, and in the most ferocious way.

That’s why it’s important to know how to become healthy. More importantly, apply the knowledge when you have the time. I wish you all a healthy, happy life. Take Care.

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