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Ultimate Guide About How to Make Blackout Curtains with easy steps

I’ve little experience with making blackout curtains. I’ve made all the curtains for my mom and me. We know curtains are expensive to buy. And most of the time you’ll be disappointed if you want to purchase a curtain.

Especially it’s hard to find a good curtain with blackout lining. I’m going to share one of my project detailed with you. When I started to make blackout curtains, I thought I need help, and I took little bit help from YouTube. For this reason, I’m writing this content to help you to make blackout curtains.

Curtains aren’t hard to make. You need to know some sewing for the full process. Sewing is a little bit complicated if you’re new in this job. But trust me, it’s easy to learn. If you can sew, that’s great for you.

In this eight steps tutorial. I’ll show how to make curtains with blackout lining.

Before we start, I want to share my experience. I’m making this curtain for my kid’s room. Already I bought various types of curtains for this room. But most of them were unable to fulfill my demand. They were too heavy or not enough dark.

I bought this fabric, from fabric.com for this tutorial. You can buy this from any local store.

Let’s start our tutorial

Materials You Need To Make Blackout Curtain

Blackout Making Steps


Step 1

To get the proper length for curtains, measure the rod from down to the floor. Of course, add an extra foot and finally cut the fabric. Carefully do this. This is the very primary step for making curtains.

A good output depends on cutting properly.


Step 2

Try to take width as your window. Double it and cut the fabric. For example, if your window is 40 inches wide, you have to take your curtain panel width 80 inches. You may have to stitch extra fabric together to make the right width.

Width is really important as the length. Try your best to take the proper width.


Step 3

It’s time to measure the blackout lining in this step. For blackout lining size – measure the same as the curtains plus 1-2 inches all round.

You may need to stitch whole fabric together.


Step 4

Now you have to iron the fabric curtain panel. Put this on an ironing board. Fold the curtain panel over ½ to 1 inch. And iron it.


Step 5

In this step, you have to tuck the lining under a side. Pin it and stitch.


Step 6

In this step cut the extra blackout lining so that it placed beautifully under the fold. And stitch it.


Step 7

Stitch the top part of the panel. Cut 2 inches of the lining properly from the top.

Cutaway 2-3 inches of blackout lining and that will be less bulky to sew.

Again fold over ½ to 1 inch, iron the fold in place. Fold over 2-3 inches, iron and stitch.


Step 8

It’s the final step to making a blackout curtain. Into the before steps, I’ve shown three sides of one panel stitched into place.

Now hang the curtains with rod exactly. Now you have to decide how long your curtains will be. Cut properly. Fold them like previous and iron it. Finally, stitch it.

And your blackout curtains are ready to use.

What do you think? Is it too hard to make blackout curtains?

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