No More Mistakes With How To Use A Knife Sharpener Tool

A chef could not think a single moment without a sharp knife. It's a very essential for a chef or any individual who cooks.

 When a knife's blade is dull it could be dangerous. It may risk any health injuries. The sharper knife may safer. And you can not cut anything in the right shape with a dull knife.​

So after a certain period, you must sharpen your knife properly. Apart from that, your knife will rust. After reading this writing, I hope no more mistakes with how to use a knife sharpener tool.

How To Measure A Knife's Sharpen:

Knowing is important when your knife is blunt and it needs to maintenance. I think a tomato test is perfect and easy examine to determine it's sharp. If a knife can easily cut a tomato's skin and flesh with the edge too, thus this knife is said to be sharp.

Another way of testing is, a piece of paper which holds in the air can slice the sharp knif

How To Use A knife Sharpener Tool:

There is a small misconception between honing and sharpening. These two terms are important to understanding for maintaining a knife in the long period.

how to use a knife sharpener tool


Honing a knife means pushes back the edges of knives center and straight. Actually, honing is not sharpen the knife. It corrects the edge off without shaving off much blade’s material. Honing happens most often even after every use. To keep the blade in good shape regular horn is very important.


On the other hand, sharpening is a process where knife’s blade is ground and shaved off a bit. And produce a new sharp edge. Sharpening may happen once or twice a year, depends on knife’s use.

There are various ways to keep your favorite knives sharp.

  • Using a stone
  • Electric Sharpener
  • Whetstone
  • Using a Steel

1. Using A Stone:

how to use a knife sharpener tool

This is a traditional form of sharpening a knife. It is a bit complicated. To use this, knife holds on one hand and another one is using to run the knife along it. When you are using it be more careful. You need to maintain 22-degree angle while sharpening a knife.

Using right grit is most important. If you choose very coarse stone it may harm your knife’s blade. Grease your stone after using it. It helps to rid off small pieces of metal getting sticks on the stone and makes it more effective.

2. Electric Sharpener :

It is a modern and easy sharpener tool. If you have an electric sharpener you just need to follow the manufacturer’s instruction given in the booklet along with. Some electric sharpeners are designed a certain way. Until your satisfaction, you repeat the sharpening process.

how to use a knife sharpener tool

3. Whetstone:

A stone or piece of a hard mineral is called whetstone. It has one flat surface.

4. Using A Steel:

Most of the people think a long steel rod is a knife sharpener tool. Actually, this steel is used for honing an already sharp knife. It is a daily usable tool for your kitchen. Horning by a steel first holds the steel on a countertop or any other flat surface. And then runs the knife down in the 22-degree angle. Don’t fret about the exact angle. You just need to close enough.

how to use a knife sharpener tool

Sharpener Recommendation:

If you are using any branded knife, I highly recommended you to use the same brand sharpener. Because The steel quality differs manufacture to manufacture. So, using same branded knife and sharpener leads your knife a long life.

Knife’s Preventative Maintenance:

You should keep some preventative maintenance for you knife because frequently sharpening leads damage.These prevention are:

  • ​Rinse your knife immediately after every use especially citric acids like orange, lemon etc.
  • ​Use the right cutting board.
  • ​Using a damp dish cloth under cutting board while cutting.
  • ​After rinsing, dry off as soon as possible.
  • ​Use a good sharpener tool. Cheap sharpener can damage your knife. It wasted your time, energy and money as well.

Final Verdict:

So, lastly, I would say a good sharpener tool can give you a good satisfaction. You may use a knife sharpener tool according to your knife and budget as well.

We are waiting to hear your knife sharpening tool’s experience. Please comment below your opinion.

Thank You for being with us.

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