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Important Facts That You Should Know about How to Use Kitchenaid Mixer

As a woman, I know how important is kitchen aid mixer is. If you get it as a gift it feels like getting a valuable gift..Lol. You men may think why so excited about this?

Well, with this mixer your woman can make any meal like desserts to any appetizers for you only. Now the thing is at first it will be little difficult to operate as a first user. So to help them here I have given a little brief about how to use Kitchenaid Mixer. Hope it helps.

What Do You Use A Kitchenaid Mixer For?

Kitchen aid mixer is in a word a device of time and energy saver.

You can make any meal within time.

Here are some ways to use kitchenaid mixer. So let's get ready to get mixing-

1. Slicing Meat-

Slicing meat with the hand is a time-consuming task. If you use kitchen aid mixer, you can do it within minutes without any effort. To slice meat, you have to

  • Take the amount of meat you want to slice.
  • Put it in the bowl which is the mixer.
  • Attach the paddle
  • Then put the speed in slow.

That's it; you will get sliced meat in seconds. Pork, Poultry or beef can be sliced. If you want fish to be sliced then use a fork instead of a paddle.

2. Making Meatloaf

We all make meatloaf with hand. But it is little hard to do properly. Kitchenaid mixer can make it properly. Just-

  • Take sliced meat and ingredients.
  • Put it in bowl
  • Attach the paddle

Blend the ingredients and you will get the best meatloaf.

3. Making Brown Sugar

Some like brown sugar but don't know the process of making it. But if you have a mixer then it is just piece of a cupcake to make it. The process is-

  • Take crushed sugar and molasses in the proper amount. The amount is 1 tbsp molasses for 1 cup sugar.
  • Attach the whisk
  • Whisk the sugar and molasses till it is done.
  • Keep it in an airtight box.

4. Making Marshmallow-

Marshmallow is loved by all. To make it is a little complex but with a mixer, it is very simple. To make marshmallow all you have to do-

  • Make a syrup with crushed sugar, corn syrup, water and salt.
  • From a gelatin in cold water.
  • When the syrup is warm then mixes with gelatin
  • Then whisk with the mixer for 15 minutes.
  • Then take it in a pan and left it overnight.
  • Then dip the marshmallow in sugar and cornstarch.

Thus you will get a yummy marshmallow. Isn't it easy, right?

5. Mashing Potatoes

Many of us know by whisking potatoes you can get whipped potatoes. Here is a surprise; you can get mashed potatoes from the mixer. How? Note it-

  • Take cooked potatoes.
  • Keep it in the bowl with your required ingredients.
  • Mash it with paddle mixer in required speed.

As you can see you can do anything with a mixer. So it is a must have a thing in your kitchen.

What do you use a kitchenaid mixer for

Kitchen Aid Mixer Speed Settings:

Now let's concentrate on the speed thing. Why is it important? Speed is required while mixing but you should know the exact speed. Let's talk about the speeds which works in different mixing-

  • Speed 1-Stir Speed:

This speed is common speed for all mixture. You can mix flour, egg in this speed.

  • Speed 2- Slow Mixing:

Cheesecake, pancake batters requires this speed. If you use more speed, your batter will be a spill in your kitchen and cloth. Also mashing potatoes and banana you have to do it at this speed. Also, baking ingredients need a mix in this speed. So, slow speed is very much popular in a mixer.

  • Speed 4-Mixing and Beating:

This setting is best for whipping heavy batters and cookies. Also, egg white can mix at this speed. The cake batter will be best at this speed.


  • Speed 6-Beating and Creaming:

To make the cream for cake use this speed. You will get a good cream. To whip a batter this speed is required. You can also make finishing batter with this speed.

  • Speed 8- Fast Beating and Whipping:

Want to make foamed cream or whip egg whites then this speed is the best option.

  • Speed 9- Fast Whipping:

This speed is also for whipping option. You can do it faster that is the difference. But ingredients should be less, because if you whip a big amount of batter they will get scattered.

So these are the basics you need to know about how to use kitchenaid mixer. Happy cooking!!

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