Last weekend, I visited my aunt's house. I noticed she is cooking on a different type of stove. Seriously, I don’t see this stove earlier. then I asked my aunt what’s it. she smiled and tell everything about induction cooktop.
I think it’s an ultimate guide for you. That’s why I decide to share this.

What is induction cooktop:

An induction cooktop is a smart appliance of cooking according to my aunt. It's a type of stovetop runs by electromagnetic currents. That means this cooktop runs on electricity, not gas. The power supply sends electricity through a coil in an induction cooktop. A coil of copper wire is placed under the cooking pot, and electricity can pass through. When an induction friendly cooking vessel or pot or pan placed on the induction, the electromagnetic circuit is completed.

Special Features

Induction cooktop has amazing features. These features of induction cook top can change your life better and smooth. These are:

  • Fast & efficient cooking: It cooks food fast. Because the electromagnet heats the induction very quickly. It has the ability to boil water fast. Compared to another traditional stove like gas or kerosene stove, Induction cooktop 50% more energy efficient. In other conventional stoves, only a few percent of actually generated heat used for cooking food. On the other hand, the energy first converts heat then it passes through the induction coil. Thus way heat doesn't waste.
  • Temperature control: You can set your desired temperature on Induction cook top. Especially while cooking sauces, jellies.In the traditional stove, you can only increase or reduce the gas.But induction cooktop has flexible power controlling system. You can set your desired temperature by its digital circuits.
  • Safety: The induction cooktop is safer than other stoves like gas or cylinder. Highly pressurized gas cylinders can be dangerous in a small uncareful behavior. The gas stove has the possibility to shock hazards.On the other hand, induction is much safer than the gas burner because it does not heat a full area of the stove.
  • Cool to touch: Induction cooking heats the only area where cooking pot allowed to sit. So the surface of remaining cooktop cool to touch.
  • Easy to clean: It is very easy to clean. It has digital buttons from traditional knobs. so you can just wipe up. Spills are not easily burned cause an unused portion of cooktop remains cool.
  • Multi timer: Manage your meal with a timer for each element.You can fix timer before your cooking. It prevents burn while cooking.
  • Elegant for a kitchen: A beautiful and shiny surface cooktop gives you an elegant look for your kitchen. And also easy to clean spills for this shiny surface.
  • Cooler kitchen: Induction cooktop heats the only vessel, not the air. So kitchen remains cool.I think this is an extraordinary feature of induction cooking.
  • Easy to installation: An induction cooktop’s installation is very easy. It comes with standard 30" and 36" width, easy to fix.
  • Glide touch control: This touch controls can set with just swipe or tap. It is very easy and obviously stylish than a traditional knob.

Usable Utensils

Stainless steel, Midiron, Cast iron pots, pans or other utensils can be use for induction stovetop. Glass cookware, brass, aluminum, ceramic, copper bottom stainless steel pots are not usable for this. But keep in mind also, all stainless steel cookware do not work properly with induction. Thin bottom pots usually works well with an induction cooktop.

Examine Utensils For Induction Use

AS you know all types of stainless steel does not work properly with an induction cooktop. you can check this such a very easy way. Simply took a magnet and hold the magnet near the bottom of the pan. If magnet sticks on the pan's bottom, then you can sure this pot is magnetic. And easily work with an induction cooktop.

Some Disadvantages Of Induction Cooktop

  • Costly: Induction can be expensive than a traditional gas stove. I think if you able to pay for the electricity you can go for an elegant induction cooktop.
  • Cooking vessels: One of the main disadvantages of induction is you may not use your favorite cooking vessel. Induction works properly with some certain types of utensils. It mainly depends upon the iron content in the cookware.
  • Size Of Vessels: Very large or small pots could not be used on an induction cooktop. You can only use those utensils which exactly fits on the induction heating plate.

After listening and seeing all the things about induction cooktop from my aunt, I am going to replace my stove immediately. The induction cooktop is the newest and modern cooktop in our busy life.

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