All You Need To Know About Kitchen Mixer Accessories

The power and consistency of your work in the kitchen will be changed with the magical help of kitchen aid mixer. You can cook any meal like cake to pizza with this awesome mixer.

With kitchen mixer accessories you can grind, slice, shred. This thing is time, money and energy saver.

Kitchenaid Mixer Attachment Pack

When you get your kitchen aid mixer, you will get three attachments with it. They are-​

  • The dough hook
  • The wire whip
  • The flat edge beater

These three attachments are the main cook for your recipes. Let’s talk about their activities in your recipes.

Flat Edge Beater

This attachment is the most important and most used one. You will have to use it in all recipes especially in mixing and batter making purpose. You can mix any kind of batter with this beater even batter of cookies or cake can be mix easily.

Sometimes you will get terms like mash, mix or cream in your recipe, it means you have to use this beater for those recipes. You can use this beater in any speed.

Wire Whip

If you need foamy whipped cream or white egg foam, you can use this attachment. Whipped cream must be whipped properly otherwise, your recipe will not get the required moist. This attachment can be used with speed 8 and 9.

Dough Hook

This hook-like attachment is very handy for making heavy dough like bread dough. The rubbing process with the hand is quite tough for the new cook but with this attachment, it is very simple. Speed 2 is the best speed for this attachment.


Extra Accessories For Making Desired Recipes:

Don’t think that these three accessories are only for this kitchen mixer. You will get a bundle of accessories in the market. Just pick which one you want. There are different accessories for different food.

As for example, for Italian food, there are pasta maker accessories and there are much more. Here I will discuss some popular attachments that you may like. So be happy reading food lovers-

Pasta Roller

If you are in love with pasta, this attachment is a must for you. You will be happy that you can make your favorite food with your hand. You can get linguine and spaghetti with this roller. Just practice it for some days and you will get perfect pasta from this roller. Speed 10 is required for this roller.

Pasta Extruder

If you want your pasta in different size like macaroni or fussily, you will get this extruder. You will get cute shapes of pasta from this attachment. This will add some unique look in your dish when it gets cooked. So this attachment is a must for you as a pasta lover. This extruder works well on speed 10.

Ravioli Maker

For ravioli lovers, this attachment is the best option. You can get your ravioli the way you want. Your ravioli will not get waste in pasta water because there is a pinching tool in the attachment which keeps the filling properly. You will be happy when you will see your own made ravioli is looking just like restaurant ravioli sometimes better.

Food Grinder

This attachment is the most helpful one. You can grind anything like meat, vegetables, cheese, and nuts etc. speed 4 is proper for this attachment.

Sausage Stuffer

If you are sausage lover then get this attachment. You will get any size of sausage for your dish with this attachment. This attachment works on speed 4.

Vegetable Purées and Strainer

This attachment is best for making baby food and jellies. You can get any puree and juice with this attachment. Speed 4 is for this attachment.

Slicer and Shredder

This handy accessory has four blades. Two of them are needed for a slice and other two is for shredding. You can slice and shred anything you want. You will get beautifully chopped salad with this slicer. Need shred cheese for pizza? Make it with this attachment. Speed 4 is good for this attachment.

Citrus Juicer

If you are juice lover then get this juicer. You will fall in love with this juicer. Speed 6 is best for this juicer.

Grain Mill

Want to get homemade flour? Then take this attachment. Grind any grains you like. Grind with speed 6.

Ice-Cream Maker

If you want to make ice creams at home then try this attachment. You will be surprised. Just follow a trick before making ice cream; just freeze the bowl in which you will make your ice cream for 24 hours. This small trick will help you to get the best ice cream. Make the ice cream at the fastest speed.​

How To Use Ice Cream Maker

Now I think you are now very knowledgeable with kitchen mixer accessories. So get your desired one and make delicious foods for your loved ones.

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