A kitchen towel is an important appliance in your kitchen. You must be wondering, how? Kitchen towel has countless uses from cooking to cleaning in the kitchen.

A kitchen towel is plain, usually white in color and often they have some stripes. They are absorbent and durable. Dish towel, chef towel, tea towel all are a kitchen towel.

These are used for hand cleanup, drying liquids, drying vegetables-herbs, often pot holder etc. Without kitchen towel, your kitchen will be dirty and messy.

And obviously unhygienic.As we know that kitchen towel is more powerful among other appliances, apparently towel storage also very important. A well-storing management system gives you a smooth environment in the kitchen.

Many of us use 2 or 3 kitchen towel for the kitchen. So you can understand how important kitchen towel holding or storing in a right place according to your need.

Otherwise, no one can understand even sometimes you also could not remember which towel is exactly which for.

Do not need to so worry about storing kitchen towel. Lots of easy and of course stylish kitchen towel holding ideas in following:

  • Hanging a kitchen towel close the sink, it's a natural thing. After washing dish towel needs much, so a towel bar can fit under the sink. If you do not have towel bar you just put a towel over the sink or next place to sink. For this case be careful not to let it hang into the water.
  • Another stylish way to store kitchen towel is to keep hidden secret space in your cabinet. Just keep a tiny and thin space for hanging a towel bar under your sink or right after dishwasher.
  • You must need a kitchen towel for table top cleaning for mid-meal spills or other mishaps. Just need to fit a single either double towel bar end of the table or kitchen island.
  • If you have cabinet kitchen so you can hang your towel in oven door handle or any other cabinet handle as per your need. fold the dish cloth and hang on them. oven’s warmth helps dry the towels much faster.
  • For dish drying purpose a towel bar can fit next to the storage space or in the wall.It would be more convenient for your work.
  • Wall would be a nice solution to hang a towel. It could be right above the sink, right above gas stove's wall. Or simply put a rack for all your dish towels on a nearby wall, in that case, you just put a tag on the dishcloth. For example-drying, cleaning, hand etc.
  • A drawer is another good solution for storing kitchen towel. In a drawer make some compartment or put some basket to keep dish towels. It looks like the perfect solution to keep trash smells out of your kitchen.
  • In your kitchen space problem? No available space for the separate hanging facility? Ok then here is a good enough solution you just fit anywhere a double towel bar. Then put some hooks on it. Now to hang up towels on the hooks.
  • If you have a dishwasher in your kitchen, you can hang a towel on the dishwasher's handle. On your freezer door handle put a towel easily, if handle on it.
  • You can hang a basket where the spoon or other cutleries is placed in the bottom of the wall cabinet. In the basket, you keep kitchen towels. Iron towel rack could be used in the kitchen for towel storage.

Here some DIY kitchen towel hanging ideas

You can make some towel hanging ring with beads. Set beads ring with a nail, and hang the towel on it. Or make crochet towel holder. If you know swing you can make no slip towel easily. For this you need some materials:

  • A towel
  • Fabric or a pot holder
  • Small pieces of Velcro or button
  • Sewing machine

Sewing Process

  • Cut the fabric according to your design like square , round, fruit or cartoon shape. Sew or hem the border of fabric, then put a tab in one side and other side a button. Button will be replaced with Velcro.
  • Fold the towel, run a big loose stitch across the middle and the thread on the back to gather. Then sew the designed fabric in the centre of towel.
  • Done!!! now button it on the freeze or oven handle or any other handle as your wish.

Another creative idea you can use your old unused kitchen appliances like cheese grater as a towel holder.

Set the cheese holder turned upside down on the wall. The Greater handle is used for towel hanger and you put some artificial flower on the top of cheese grater, isn't it cool?

I have much more nice ideas for kitchen towel holder. It could be less costly and something different. Do you want to know this idea?

Ok, let's share the idea. You can reuse your door knob or old wardrobe handles. Place a small wooden board on the kitchen's wall then place door knob or any other handle on it. That's it, then hang your kitchen towel.

I think you come to know a plenty of kitchen towel holder ideas. This article might help you to implement a stylish and creative idea for your kitchen.

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