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All You Need To Know About The Standard Kitchen Trash Can Size

A kitchen is the most important and sensitive place among all parts of your house. Because it is a place where you preparing food for your family.

If you keep safe and sound your health your food must be hygienic and healthy.A trash can be the ultimate solution for a kitchen's proper cleanliness.

A perfect kitchen trash can be the best solution to kitchen germ-free. It helps your kitchen from a bad smell.

Nowadays different types of waste management solutions available in the market.When you purchase a standard kitchen trash can you keep in mind some features.

Here I present a brief discussion about a standard kitchen trash can size.


When you decide to buy a trash bin you should measure your place where you want to put the waste can.

There is much variety in the trash can's design like round shape, square/rectangular shape, tall or medium length.

If you are planning to place the waste bin under your countertop or inside the cabinet then you measure the length of those places. A standard tall kitchen trash bag is 13 gallons/50 liters.



The trash can's capacity depends on your need. That means how much waste produced from your kitchen and one more thing when you want to take off the waste.

I personally recommend that daily garbage takes off from your kitchen on a daily basis. It helps to maintain a fresh look in your kitchen.


There are various kinds of lid option in a trash can. Some are a flipping lid, some are a basic lid, some are pedal lid cover.

When you are busy in cooking or preparing food or cutting vegetable step -to open, the hands-free pedal trash can is ideal for your kitchen.

In foot pedal bin you do not need to touch the trash bin's cover by hand so your hands are germ-free.


At present, standard kitchen trash can manufacture by two types of materials like stainless steel and hard plastic.

Plastic trash bin less costly than steel one. On the other hand, steel one has more odor minimizing feature than the other one.

If you are using all kitchen gadgets like oven, the stove etc. are steel then you must go for steel trash can.


If you are using trash bag inside the bin then you no need to think about the weight of kitchen trash bin. Because you do not need to move the garbage bin.

However if you prefer to remove trash directly from the trash can, then weight could be the major factor. Alternatively, you can choose one a removable bin inside for easy moving.


Measure the height of the trash bag what you want to use for disposal. Now add 4/5 inches height with it for overhang. This total measurement will be your kitchen trash can's height.


A standard kitchen bin's structure should be solid, leakage proof. Avoid wire wastebaskets cause kitchen wastage consists of watery trash. Wire baskets suits bathroom or office room or house.

However, if you are using a solid trash bin when you find any leak in it, then immediately remove from the kitchen. Otherwise, watery trash wears out in the kitchen floor.


For trash bag user need to clean or spraying freshener on the kitchen trash bag once or twice a week. And who throw trash directly in the trash can they clean bin immediately after disposal waste.

Under a running tap clean bin with dishwasher and a brush. Stainless steel trash bin wipes off with a paper towel with vinegar.


Buying a product with warranty can relieve you for a long time. The warranty has different conditions like the whole product, parts replacement, money back. Product warranty is available for a fixed time period.


A proper maintenance any product looks new for a long time. Must keep warranty card for the warranty time period.

So, after reading this article you get a clear concept about a standard kitchen trash can size and features.

When you buy a trash can for your kitchen you can measure properly what you actually need. A standard kitchen trash can helps to maintain your sanitary.

Stay safe & healthy by using a kitchen trash can that keeps away from bacteria & bad odor.

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