How Do You Choose The Best Sun Joe Spx3000 (Review)

Looking for an electric pressure washer for both indoor and outdoor? Then consider Sun joe electric pressure washer. The washer is very light and transportable. The design of the washer is sleek in design with vibrant color which is attractive. Sometimes you will see some product is just for show and don’t work properly. But this washer is beautiful in look and strong in work. You can use this pressure for both indoor and outdoor works. You can clean covered dirt, strong stains, the driveways, decks made of wood, dirty cars, big lawn easily with this power pressure. So just go through this sun joe spx3000 review and you will get a clear picture about the use.

Buying Guide And Sun Joe spx3000 Review:

If you have a house with a big lawn and heavy cleaning works then you have to take this pressure washer must. But before using it you have to know about which or what to consider while choosing an electric pressure washer for your work.

At first, let’s know about the categories of pressure washers. Mainly you will get four kinds of pressure washers in the market. They are:

Handheld washers: this washer is portable and has a strong motor. But not capable of giving enough pressure to cover big tough job. The range of pressure is less than 2000 psi.

Cold pressure washers: this washer has force range of 3000psi and best for everyday cleaning. With this force, you can clean paint layers easily. But it is not for cleaning grease or oil.

Hot water pressure washers: the water force is same as cold water pressure washer. You can clean strong stain and slime like elements easily with this water pressure.

Wall mounted pressure washer: this water pressure is for big garage and industrial plants. It takes huge pressure and power while working. Not recommended for domestic work.

What to know before purchasing a pressure washer?

Here are some points you need to know about pressure washer:

Knowing units of cleaning power:

You cannot depend only on PSI or GPM. The best way is multiplying two units and you will get perfect cleaning power. Sufficient power unit is 6000 to 8000 for any work.

Water temperature:

It depends on the purpose of your work. But hot water pressure is the best option from cold water pressure. Because hot water eliminates dirt and cleans area perfectly. But make sure the hot water pressure machine has a heating coil. This helps to reduce pressure in the machine.

Portable or fixed washer:

This option depends on the use of the machine. If you have to clean your big lawn and car then you need a portable washer and if you don’t like to move around with cleaning washer then fixed washer is the best option for you. But portable washer is much easier to maintain than fixed washer pressure.

Safety Features:

Your pressure washer must have the following safe features like:

  • Automatic shutdown switch which will shut off the machine in case of emergency;
  • To have control in water jet you have to use trigger gun;
  • For controlling temperature your washer must have a thermostat;
  • The float tank keeps your water source clean;
  • The grounded feature keeps your washer electrocution free;
  • The safety valve is must for any washer pressure. It prevents any unwanted situation;

Why buy a pressure washer?

You may think who should buy this washer machine. Well, People who have house with wood surface, concrete made backyard, outside furniture must have this pressure washer to clean. This machine will help to save energy and time both for those who are busy in their work. Also, your money will be saved if you have this washer machine in the house, because you can clean your car easily. You can say this pressure washer is time, energy and money saver.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM:

Product feature and description:

Sun joe SPX3000 pressure washer is an awesome dirt fighter. You can clean building, home, truck, boat, lawn equipment’s etc. with this washer easily. The washer has a 14.5-amp motor which performs in 1800 watt. In this power, the washer can produce 2030 PSI pressure and 1.76 GPM water flow which is enough to clean your dirty things. This pressure washer has two detergent store system where you can put two types of detergent at the same time. You can easily switch the use of detergent while cleaning your dirt. You will get a 34-inch spray wind which helps you to clean not reachable area. This pressure works consistently. The washer has five types of spray jets. They are - 0º, 15º, 25º, 40º and soap. You can swap the nozzles while working easily. The nozzles help you to get the perfect clean area. With this washer, you will also get the 20-foot hose, power cord which is 35 foot, adaptor for a garden hose and a TSS trigger which helps to shut down the machine when it is not working properly.


  • The washer is 33.9 x 13.5 x 15.6 inches;
  • Weight is 31 pound;
  • Two .9 liter removable tanks for storing and using different detergents while cleaning;
  • Have safety lock trigger which shuts down in an emergency situation;
  • 5 Connect spray 0º, 15º, 25º, 40º and soap which performs light, average, and heavy cleaning duty;
  • The motor is 14.5-amp and power is 1800-Watt. You will get 2030 PSI/1.76 GPM cleaning power with this motor;
  • Has TSS option which shut down the machine in the emergency state;
  • Has 2-year warranty and CSA approved.
  • This pressure washer is in a word powerful and reliable cleaning machine. You will be satisfied with the performance of the machine;

Pros and Cons


  • The motor of this washer is powerful. You can get sufficient water pressure with this motor;
  • ​The accessories of this machine are long and powerful enough to clean not-reachable areas;
  • ​The dual removable detergent tank is very useful while cleaning. You can select and switch the detergent you want while cleaning;
  • ​TSS is an energy saver;
  • ​Easy to maintain and carry;


  • The nozzle is plastic made and sometimes gets leak while heavy water pressure;

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Question and answers:

Does the pressure washer produce enough water pressure?

Ans: yes, you will get 2030 PSI/1.76 GPM water pressure with this machine.

Is the machine heavy to carry?

Ans: no, the machine is light in weight only 50 lbs.

Is the pressure washer power enough to clean strong stain and grease?

Ans: yes, you can clean any song stain easily with this washer machine.

Final verdict:

Finally, if you have many things to clean in your house and want to do it in time then you must take the Sun joe electric pressure washer. Your truck or car, house side, surfaced lawn, the backyard will be neat and clean if you use this washer machine. You will get enough power and water pressure to clean the areas and strong stains. If you have this machine your cleaning time will get reduce and you will have enough time to spend it in other works. So, if you are searching for a powerful pressure washer then I think I have given enough information in this sun joe spx3000 review. If you are happy with the information’s then go and get one for you. It is a guarantee that you will enjoy your cleaning work with this awesome pressure washer.

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