Why You Must Experience The Best Range Hood At Least Once In Your Lifetime

You think your kitchen stays smoky and steamy after your cooking? Sometimes the smell give you a headache? Then it is high time to install a range hood in your kitchen.

But sadly, a range hood is not so appreciated or talked about. But every kitchen must have this filtration system. The range hood helps to vanish gas and bad smell out of your kitchen. Now you can guess range hood is a must have home appliance.

Let me help you to introduce to the best range hoods in town. I will share each and every experience about this cool home appliance. Stay with me.

Comparison Table of The Best Range Hood -: 

Broan 403004 30 In. Stainless Steel Ducted Range Hood

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions: 30 x 17.5 x 6 inches

Item Weight: 11 pounds

Broan PM250 Power Module Range Hood, Silver

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions: 22.1 x 13.8 x 9 inches

Item Weight: 8.4 pounds

Broan QS130SS 220 CFM Under Cabinet Hood

Best Sellers Rank

Product Dimensions :34.1 x 24 x 10.1 inches

Item Weight: 18 pounds

What is a Range Hood?

At first, you have to know about a range hood and its benefits. A range hood is simply a hood on the top of the stove where a fan is installed. This fan helps to exit the gas and steam out of the kitchen.

Some range hood has the system of recirculating polluted air back in the kitchen. And some range hood has the system of the trap and eliminate grease that floats in the air while cooking.

After getting an idea about range hood lets focuses on the benefit of range hoods.

How important is a range hood:

As a woman, I think the main part of a home is the kitchen. So, it should have all the best things to help to get healthy foods. Now to the point of the importance of a range, hood lets know about it:

clean air:

The best thing about the range hoods is it helps to get rid of the toxic air, grease and carbon monoxide which are produced while cooking.

Just push a button when you are finished with cooking then the range hood will do the rest of the work by giving you a clean air in the kitchen.

Heat reducer:

While cooking the temperature of the kitchen gets hot, and the cooking process gets tiresome. Range hoods help a lot in cooling the temperature. This means a lot to the person who prepares food in the kitchen.

Best light:

The range hood has light in the hood. You can get a clear view when you are cleaning the stove. And in the night, you can do your cooking smoothly just with the light of this hood.

Now after knowing the importance of range hood let us focus on what to look for in range hoods. Because there are many kinds of range hoods with different styles.

So while picking a range hood for your kitchen be sure to look for these features:

Ducted or Non-Ducted:

The range hood comes with two kinds- duct and non duct. Duct range hood flashes out hot, and grease air out of the house. Non-duct Range hoods recycle the polluted air in the clean air. Select the range hood per your kitchen design.

Airflow & Filtration:

Look for a range hood with great airflow and filtration system. Air flow helps to remove toxin air faster, and Charcoal filters are best for the filtration system.

Size & Style:

Choose the right size and style range hood for your kitchen stove. You may get the idea from the range hood installers.

Hope all these lectures and points help you to get the best range hoods for your kitchen.

Here I have listed the top 5 range hoods in the market. Pick your one and enjoy your cooking.

Top 5 The Best Range Hood:

1/ Broan Stainless Steel Ducted Range Hood

The Broan is famous for the range hood. This stainless-steel range hood is ducted and comes different wide and colors.

This range hood is durable and has duct which is designed horizontally or vertically. The hood has an active fan, grease filter and light which gives light evenly on the stove.

The duct is powerful in work and easy to clean.


  • The range hood is 30 x 17.5 x 6 inches;
  • Weighs 11 pounds;
  • This range hood can be Install in 3-1/4" x 10" vented;
  • The hood is 160 CFM, 6.5 Sone performance;
  • The grease filter is aluminum made and Dishwasher-safe;
  • The hood has protective spotlight lens which gives light evenly over the stove. You can use 75W power bulb;
  • Two fans is installed in the hood;
  • The motor is always lubricated;
  • This range hood is simple in look but powerful in the task. You will get a long-lasting range hood for your kitchen;

Pros and Cons


  • Fits perfectly;
  • ​Reasonable price;
  • ​Very easy to install;
  • ​Your kitchen air stays fresh;


  • Some users say the fan is not long-lasting;

2/ Broan Power Module Range Hood

If you want a range hood which helps to vanish smoke and smell from your kitchen within seconds, then install this range hood in your kitchen.

This range hood is simple in design but is powerful. This hood has 250 CFM fan which provides good ventilation in your kitchen. You can control the speed of the fan while working in the kitchen.

You will get a glowing light system in this range hood. The light helps you to have a clear view in the night or while cleaning your stove.


  • The hood is 22.1 x 13.8 x 9 inches;
  • Weight is 8.4 pounds;
  • This range hood is 7" round and has both duct or non-ducted option;
  • Encircled light;
  • The hood has One-piece mesh filter which is aluminum made and washable;
  • Motor comes with Two-speed;
  • The fan is 6-5/8-Inch. Which is 250 CFM and 8.0 Sones;
  • The range hood is Strong. The finish is silver and powder coated;
  • The bottom is fully surrounded;
  • This range hood brings a unique look in your kitchen. You will get a smoke free kitchen all day long;

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to install;
  • ​Every part is dishwasher safe;
  • ​The power of the fan is very appreciable;
  • ​The light gives light evenly;
  • ​Good quality product with great price;


  • Some users find the light not so good in work;
  • The motor is not in safe place;

3/ Broan Under Cabinet Hood

Searching for Silent, Powerful and user-friendly range hood? This under cabinet range hood is perfect for you.

This hood comes with both duct and non-duct functions. You will get every part separately as your requirements. You can install the range hood easily.

This range hood is suitable for any cooktop. The ranger hood is circled design, and every part is dishwasher safe.

The ranger hood has two kinds of lighting one is bright, and other is soft. In a word, a must have a range hood in every kitchen.


  • 34.1 x 24 x 10.1 inches;
  • 62 pounds;
  • The range hood fan is 220 CFM and 1.5 Sones;
  • This 30-inch fan has a quiet two-speed motor and large micro-mesh filter;
  • Two light setting using double halogen spotlight;
  • Stainless Steel made range hood;
  • The convertibility is Four-way;
  • The range hood is enclosed in design;
  • The range hood is easy in cleaning and operating;
  • The duct connectors are adjustable;

This range hood is Clean and sleek in appearance and best in performance. This range hood is the best range hood with perfect performance.

Pros and Cons


  • Attractive in design;
  • ​Easy to use;
  • ​Quiet sound while working;
  • ​Every part is easy to clean and totally dishwasher safe;


  • The fan has low CFM;

4/ Broan Non-Ducted Under-Cabinet Range Hood

If you are searching for reasonable, high in quality non- ducted range hood then pick this range hood.

This range hood comes with excellent quality and filtration system. As it is non-duct range hood, the filter is grease-charcoal filter. This range hood has ADA-compliant application.

The range hood has a durable and powerful fan, a light which gives enough and even light and also control systems of fan power and light.


  • The hood is 33 x 20 x 7.6 inches;
  • The range hood weighs 54 pounds;
  • As this hood is non – duct, it has charcoal filter;
  • The light is bright and produces even light;
  • An ADA-compliant application is ok with this range hood;
  • The fan is Rocker-type and 2-Speed;
  • Has to option to control fan power and light;

If you have a house with no system of ventilation, then get this now- duct range hood. You will not feel suffocated in smoke or odor air.

Pros and Cons


  • Gives your kitchen a stylish look;
  • ​Great product in reasonable price;
  • ​Perfect range hood for apartments;
  • ​Works with quiet performance;


  • Some user doesn’t find this range hood long lasting;

5/ Broan Two-Speed Range Hood

If you have your kitchen design with cabinets and has a small place on the cooktop, then install this under cabinet range hood. This range hood fits in every place beautifully.

You will find this range hood duct or non-duct. If you want to use duct, then you can use horizontally or vertically. And you use non-duct then you can also set it easily.

You will get a fan, light and control option to operate the fan and light power in this range hood.


  • The hood is 17.5 x 42 x 6 inches;
  • The hood weighs 10.7 pounds;
  • The hood can be installed in a Four-way convertible;
  • The fan runs on 120 Volts and 190 CFM;
  • The grease filter is aluminum made and Dishwasher safe;
  • HVI certified;
  • Duct adapter is included;
  • If you want a easy control range hood with powerful performance, then get this range hood for your kitchen;

Pros and Cons


  • Brings a unique look in kitchen;
  • ​User-friendly;
  • ​Every part is dishwasher safe;
  • ​The air flow is excellent;


  • The range hood does not look good without a bottom cover;

Final verdict:

So here were the reviews of the best range hoods for your kitchen. If you want your kitchen to be free from smoke and bad smell, then install one of these range hoods. You will feel the difference in your kitchen environment as soon as you install one.

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