The Reasons Why We Love Types Of Dinnerware

Are you often confused to buy a dinnerware? Can’t decide what type of tableware should buy. No worries! We are here to give complete ideas about any kitchen stuff. In this article, we are sharing everything about all types of dinnerware

Types Of Dinnerware:

A right dinnerware can change your dining table’s look completely. And your guest will appreciate for this.Nowadays there are various kinds of dinnerware are available in the market. All types of dinnerware list are following:

1/ Earthenware:

The oldest form of dinnerware. And it is one of the finest types of tableware.It is manufactured from unrefined clay and fired at low temperature.It is sensitive to moving hot to cold.It appears to be heavy and solid. But when you carry on your hand it, however, it feels lightweight.


1.Less expensive,

2. Easy to use for regularly,

3. You can be used in microwave and conventional oven.​​


1. Not much as durable like other dinnerware,

2. Most of the earthenware are not dishwasher safe,

3. Could be easily stretched in unglazed earthenware dishes.​

2/ Stoneware

Another type of ceramic dinnerware is stoneware. It is also made from clay. But it is more durable than the earthenware because the clay has mixed some glass material for strength.It is refined in higher temperature. It can be finished with many glazed textures like shiny, matte, etc.


1. It is more durable than earthenware,

2. More refined,

3. Also dishwasher- safe, microwave -safe .


1. The sudden or extreme temperature should not be exposed in stoneware.

2. The pressure might not be tolerated.

3/ Porcelain

Made from fine-particle clay. It is made with high temperature, thus it can be strong like almost glass.It can be used for the formal occasion. But if you want your daily dining table to look elegant, you should use porcelain dinnerware.


1. Easy to maintain, durable,

2. Dishwasher & microwave safe as well.

3. Gives you a translucent look. 


1. Porcelain which has golden border might not safe in the microwave.

2. Citrus scented detergent like lemon causes damage.

4/ Bone China

Bone ash actually animal bone combined with clay to made bone china dinnerware. It fried with a lower temperature than porcelain.It is lightweight, almost translucent.It is the white color with a milky appearance. It is the strongest tableware than the others.


1. Most durable, looks elegant, lightweight,

2. Dishwasher & microwave friendly.​


1. Actually there are no disadvantages to say.

5/ Vitrified Glassware

This is actually made from glass, fired in ultra high temperature. So that it is extremely durable. Well, the known brand is Corelle.


1. Not breakable even dropped into the floor.

2. Safe to use dishwasher and microwave both.

3. Very comfortable to use in outdoor.


1. Actually there are no disadvantages to say.

6/ Polycarbonate

This is made from plastic, FDA Approved. Easy to use For outdoor and indoor also. It is ideal for children because of the non breakable feature. Always buy polycarbonate or plasticware, which are leveled BPA -free. BPA is a carcinogen, it is harmful to human body.


1. Unbreakable,

2. Dishwasher-safe on the top rack.


1. Not safe in the microwave,

2. Some plasticware are not scratch resistant.

7/ Steel

It is made of steel that contains iron, chromium, and nickel. It is ideal for children and outdoor programs.


1. Super durable and rustproof.

2. Iron is an important nutrient for our body.

3. So stainless steelware are good to use.


1. There are many grades are available for stainless steelware.

2. The harder is high quality full.

3. The less hard may give off material from the dishes.​

8/ Melamine

t is made of hard plastic. Actually, it is a combination of organic industrial material, melamine resin and strengthens materials. While you are buying, it must be BPA free.


1. Extremely difficult to break, dishwasher safe.


1. Not safe for microwave and oven.

Buying Consideration

Whenever you buy a dinnerware you should be consider following things:

  • Durability: Durability is most important. If you select a tableware on the basis of durability, you can save your money.
  • Design: Dinnerware design is another important consideration. You can choose plain one color or any pattern design.
  • Purpose: First you decide for which purpose you need dinnerware, formal or casual.For formal you could choose porcelain, bone china and for regular use you can buy earthenware, stoneware ,melamine , plastic etc.

Final Verdict:

A right type of dinnerware can give you a mental satisfaction. And in front of guest it express your personality. Now you know the types of dinnerware, you can easily choose a dinnerware for your family.

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