How to Use a Wood Router

A wood router is nothing but a power tool. It has already earned much popularity in the woodworking industry. The wood routers have perfect ergonomics. They have a lot of powers for DIY jobs. These DIY jobs include:

  • Cutting grooves

  • Cutting rabbets,

  • Beveling,

  • Shaping,

  • Decorative cutting

  • Making profiles

At present, you can use a wood router for multipurpose uses. The purposes of using may vary based projects. But the most common and primary uses of these wood routers are routing out, precession of holes, cutting holes as well as hollowing in pieces of wood.

The wood routers are ultimate portable and powerful tools that every craftsman needs. But its effectiveness largely depends on proper using of it. So, firstly you have to gather knowledge about how to use a wood router to get the highest result from it.

Using a wood router in a proper way is not very tough work. In this article, I have brought up some exclusive tips which will, hopefully, make you relax from the anxiety of knowing the procedure of using a wood router.

How to Use a Wood Router

Knowing how to use a wood router will, no doubt, save your lots of time as well as wastage of woods. So it is not worthy to show causality to acquire proper knowledge to use a wood router properly. You have to follow nothing but the following procedures to use a wood router in a proper way.

Lose the Collect

As the first steps, you have to lose the collect. You can do it by losing its nut in an anti-clockwise direction. Then you have to also tighten the nut in the clockwise direction to complete the installation.

Install Router Bit

After that, to ensure proper and safe use of a wood router, you have to install router bit securely. If you fail to install your router bit perfectly, the bits will break down when you will start shaping and routing your wood. Check whether your bits are sharp. If you find any defect in it, you should replace it and buy sharpen one. When the installation of your router bit is complete, you can switch on.

Take Adequate Safety Measures

Using a wood router may be risky also. So at the time using it, it is your foremost duty to take sufficient safety measures to protect your eyes and ears. Because at the time of installation, the wooden chips fly off at high speeds which can easily cause serious damage to your eyes. Similarly, a wood router produces huge noise which can damage your ears eventually. So, at the time of working with a wood router, an eye and ear protector is a must.

Secure Your Working Materials

You also have to secure the working materials. It is, obviously, an annoying thing to chase a piece of wood speeded around. You cannot but face it. To get rid of these chasing wood pieces, you can use router mat. This router mat has to be for a non-skid surface. You can find it in the wood working stores as well as on online wood working shops.

Final Verdict

Finally, it can be said that as a wood router is a wood working tools, so it is very important to know its proper using procedure along with proper safety measures. And by following mentioned procedures you will surely be a professional wood router user one day.

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