How Much Do You Know about What Is The Best Thermometer?

When I was only 12 years old.One day I and my grandmother are at home. Suddenly she feels sick. She calls me and I was totally confused what to do. After that, I realized her body temperature getting increases.

Now she told me to check her temperature with the thermometer. On this time I couldn't do this. I did not know anything about the thermometer. But now I know.I think many of us facing the situation like me.

So, I am going to share everything about the thermometer.

What Is Thermometer:

At first, I discuss shortly what is thermometer: a device that measures temperature. It has two major elements.These are:

  • ​Temperature sensor : That means the bulb of a mercury in the glass thermometer, this identifies the physical change occurs in thermometer.
  • Numerical value : This indicates how much change occurs. it also shows in the glass thermometer

The thermometer has wide uses in the in the industry for control and regulates the process, weather, medicine industry. We are very commonly used in our household for measuring our body temperature.

Why We Need Thermometer:

When we attacked by fever, we need to measure our temperature. Because if fever stays continuous 3 days or more we need to consult a doctor. Another important matter, when our baby or old members are sick we need measure fever repeatedly.

If baby's body temperature 104 degrees more we need to consult a doctor fast.

So a thermometer is very important to know when we need to go to a doctor. Nowadays there are many various kinds of thermometer are available in the market. Among them, we need to find the best thermometer for getting the right temperature.

Now I am telling you to super easy ways to learn everything about what is the best thermometer.

Types Of Thermometer:

There are various kinds of thermometer available in the market. Let’s discuss the varieties:

Digital stick thermometer:

This type of thermometer is widely used all over the world.It is mostly sold and cheapest thermometer. The traditional glass thermometers are replaced by it. It has an LCD display that easier to read and has a start button on it. It relies on batteries to function.

What Is The Best Thermometer

Adults and children can easily use this digital thermometer.

Where to use: oral & underarm

Infrared Thermometer:

This thermometer measures the heat emitted by the body. Infrared thermometers measure the temperature inside the ear canal.This type of thermometer has an easy and quick use. It can be used It is expensive than others.

Where to use: Forehead & ear.

Digital Pacifiers Thermometers:

This thermometer is specially designed for an infant to toddler. It's very comfortingly to measure infant's temperature by digital pacifier thermometer.

What Is The Best Thermometer

Where to use: oral

Consider Before You Choose The Best Thermometer:

Now we know the common types of thermometers. Along with this, we need to consider some things before getting or choose a thermometer. These factors are:

  • Response Time: A readout from the digital stick thermometer may come from 10seconds to 80 seconds. It depends on the various models of it. Infrared thermometer readout comes just 1-3 seconds.
  • Features: In modern time thermometer has some special features. In some digital thermometers have bells and whistles or beeps which tell you when stopping measuring.
  • Safety: Some digital stick thermometer has a cover, a protective cover. You may keep away from the children because small things are can be choking hazards for children.

If you choose an inexpensive digital stick thermometers then you can easily buy 2 thermometers. One for oral and the other one for rectal. It must be marked with a permanent marker for remembering.

What Is The Best Thermometer

We Should Also Know:

A thermometer should be easy and comfortable to use, whatever you choose. you should know the following things:

  • For Infant to Younger than 3 Years OldRectal temperature is more accurate for an infant to 3-year-old younger one. Armpit temperature may take easier but least accurate.
  • For Children 3 and Up: For this age group oral is quiet ok. The ear can be another option.
  • For Adult and Teenagers: Oral or infrared thermometers both are convenient and give an accurate reading.

Final Verdict:

After reading this we can say a digital stick thermometer is better for we commonly use. There are various designs are available in the market, retail shop or medicine shop.

You can take any one according to your choice.

We are here to know your shopping experiences. Thank you.

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