Simple Guidance of Knife Sharpening | Work Sharp Ken Onion Review

Knives are the main tool of our daily life. We need to love it and need it. You can carry a knife when you need one. In the workplace or in the kitchen a knife is a must. But a dull knife is just a waste. It is good for nothing and also dangerous to use especially when your kids are playing with it. So, you should keep a knife sharpening tool in the home to work with. There are many types of knife sharpener in the market, among them Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener Ken Onion is the best one. In this article, you will get a clear Work sharp ken onion review.

The introduction of Work sharp knife and tool sharpener:

The knife and tool sharpener is very light and portable. You can sharp your knife easily. You can sharp any knife-like pocket knife, hunting knife, kitchen knife, filet knife and many more knife. There are many brands who manufactures knife sharpening tool, among them Ken Onion brand is reliable. They have manufactured the best ever knife and tool sharpener. This sharpener is easy to sharp any knife and the sharpness stays for a long time.

How to use this work sharp tool:

The usage of this sharp tool is very easy. At first, it takes the time to understand the system but you can start quickly. The edge of the blade gets sharp if you keep the edge constant contact with the abrasive belt. With this sharp tool, you will get an instruction which will help you to get clear guide about how to sharp knife with this sharpening tool. A better way is first to try sharping your good old knife then go for the best knife of your kitchen. The belt of the sharpening tool is for helping to sharp. To change the blade is easy and fast. You don’t have to face any hard work. You have to place the knife in proper angel while sharpening or else your knife will not get sharp.

What must do after completing sharpening:

You should be careful and keep some emergency setup for you knife because regularly sharpening may cause damage. The steps are:

​Clean your knife immediately after daily use with citric acids, for example, lemon and orange, etc.

The cutting board should be knife friendly.

​Use a moist dish cloth under cutting board when you are cutting with a knife.

​After washing dry the knife soon as possible.

​Use the best sharpener tool. Cheap sharpener damages your knife. Your time, money and energy will get waste.

How to keep your knives sharp:

1)make sure your cutting board is made of wood. Don’t ever use steel, glass, ceramic made cutting board. They are enemies of sharp knife.

2) don’t try to cut joint bones or frozen things. It makes your knife dull.

3) Never soak knife in the sink and leave knife uncleaned. This damage the knife sharpness

4) Always wash knife sin hot water and dry it with hand towel.

5) don’t ever wash knife in dishwasher.

6) try to keep the knife in a knife block, don’t keep them in drawer.

7) Polish knife regularly in proper way.

8) Sharp knife once in a year.

9) sharp knife only with a sharpening tool or nothing else

10) Do sharp excess. It may leave scratches in your knife.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM:

Product description and features:

This sharpening tool sharps your knife very quickly and easily. The motor of the tool is 1.5 amp. The motor is amazingly light and long running. The motor is metal made and weighs 4.6 pounds and the measurement is 5.5 x 10 x 6 inches. With the motor, you can produce 1200 SFM to 2800 SFM to sharp the the knife. The belt is abrasive and it helps to sharp the edge. The sharpness stays for long if you sharp with this belt. You have to set the angle between 15° to 30° while placing your knife for sharpening.


  • The sharpening tool is 4 pounds;
  • The measurement is 5.5 x 10 x 6 inches;
  • The sharpening tool has adjustable sharpening instruction to get perfect sharp in 15° to 30°;
  • The belt is 3/4 x 12-inch;
  • Finest flexible abrasive belt to give strong, permanent sharp edge;
  • The motor produces constant speed which helps to give sharpening task honing to grinding;
  • The motor is 1.5 Amp and 120VAC. You can sharp your knife for continuous 1 hour with this motor;

Pros and Cons


  • You can get a super sharp knife with this sharpening tool;
  • ​The design is compact and user-friendly;
  • ​You can take this tool any place for its portability;
  • ​The motor gives heavy duty and powerful performance. The technology is advanced and cool;
  • ​Flexible Speed – the speed starts with slow speed to high speed;
  • ​Any knife can get sharpen with this sharpening tool;


  • The price is little expensive;
  • Extreme sharpening causes scratches on the knife;

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Questions and answers:

Is the belt replaceable?

Ans: yes, you can replace the belt anytime you want.

Are scissors can be sharped with this sharpening tool?

Ans: yes of course.

Will you get a bag with this sharpening tool?

Ans: no, there is no bag with this tool.

Final verdict:

Finally, in this Work sharp ken onion review hope you have to get all the guidance to about the best sharpening tool. Now you can sharp all the knives you have in the kitchen easily. But before purchasing make sure you have chosen the perfect sharpening tool for you.

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